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Viking metal is a style of heavy metal music with origins in black metal and Nordic folk music, characterized by a lyrical and thematic focus on Norse mythology, Norse paganism, and the Viking Age. Viking metal is quite diverse as a musical style, to the point where some consider it more a cross-genre term than genre, but it is typically manifested as black metal with influences from Nordic. Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music that, mostly in Europe, emerged from speed metal and thrash metal in the 1980s. A first wave began in the early to mid-1980s, through the work of bands such as Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, and Bathory

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Heavy metal has long drawn parallels between the rampaging Norse conquerors of the Middle Ages and life as a touring band. Since Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song in 1970, Vikings have held special fascination for our favourite musicians, with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Sabaton, The Darkness and countless more paying tribute to their roving spirit.Viking Metal isn’t a sound, it. I don't own the music. The labels/bands have all the credit.This is the Volume II of my mix of viking, pagan and folk metal favorite songs. I hope you enjoy. Midgardsblot 2018 - Where Black Metal and Vikings Meet Posted on August 22, 2018 by Per Ole Hagen Midgardsblot is a unique festival in that it combines two cultures that you shouldn't think had too much in common - the extreme metal and the viking communities

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  1. Aangezien de Vikingen een heidens volk was, kent het genre verwantschap met de black metal. Zoals de leden van blackmetalbands zich wel uitdossen met corpsepaint en pinnen, zo kleden leden van vikingmetalbands zich als Vikingen door zich in pelsen te steken en bijvoorbeeld een drinkhoorn aan hun riem te dragen
  2. Early on, the band had a more necro raw black metal style but as is the case with many bands on this list, the music progressed to more of a folk metal sound, while keeping the motifs of Viking.
  3. Viking Metal is one of the sub-genres of metal music. As a style it takes ideas also found in Black Metal and Folk Metal, so can be seen as a descendent of them, similar to how power metal descended from speed metal, or stoner metal from doom metal.While this mix forms the basis for viking metal, the genre has diversified over the years, with some artists incorporating symphonic metal, doom.
  4. Surfacing during the 00s, Svartidauði exploded onto the black metal scene with their debut full-length Flesh Cathedral, released in 2012. Its eerie, dense, claustrophobic and generally unrelenting atmosphere (as well as nods to French avantgarde talent such as Deathspell Omega or Blut Aus Nord) impressed fans around the world and arguably led the way for a new wave of black metal bands from the country
  5. 'Jomsviking' Out Now: http://jomsviking.lnk.to/digital Follow Amon Amarth:http://amonamarth.comhttp://facebook.com/OfficialAmonAmarthhttp://instagram.com/amo..
  6. Enslaved is a metal band from Bergen, Norway. Their style has changed over the years. Originally being an old-school black metal/viking metal act

Melodic Black Metal, Viking Metal, Melodic Death Metal. Zeichen (2020). Guten Tag (2012) #702 Viking metal' is a term used in reference to heavy metal music with a dramatic emphasis on Norse mythology, Norse paganism, and the life and times of Northern and Central Europeans prior to the Christianization of Scandinavia.The genre is closely associated with folk metal.It is still debated whether or not Viking metal can be considered a stand alone genre, or merely an ideological off. Some examples of symphonic black metal include Celtic Frost, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and Emperor. Viking metal Viking metal is a subgenre of black metal characterized by its chaotic and noisy sound, slow pace, use of keyboards, dark and violent imagery, and lyrical themes of Norse mythology, Norse paganism, and the Viking Age Begin jaren negentig stonden ze aan de wieg van het viking subgenre binnen de opkomende black metal tsunami. Rond de eeuwwisseling geraakte de woeste viking/black op de achtergrond en gingen beide heren op zoek naar een nieuwe invalshoek voor hun extreme metal

Black and Viking metal: how two extreme music genres depict, construct and transfigure the (sub-)Arctic - Volume 52 Issue 5 - Nikolas Sellheim. Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites Viking Black Metal (113) Другой (Other) (76) Hall of Fame. STN69T. 43 Years . 31. Week. Full rating . Today's birthdays . Metal Tracker. Heavy metal (often referred to simply as metal) is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the United Kingdom and the United States Black / Viking Metal hakkında buygtsum tarafından yazılan gönderiler. Geberik's Blog. Just another WordPress.com weblog. Archive for the 'Black / Viking Metal' Category. Feigd-Svarte_Sjoear-CDR-2008 Eylül 4, 2008. Band: Feigd Genre: Viking/Black Metal Country: Norway Lyrical: Viking

Enslaved - Viking/Black Metal from Norway. Osmose Productions BMP on YouTube: https://youtube.com/bmpromotion BMP on Instagram:.. Posts about Viking Black Metal written by scythlord. Metalstorm Review: Many people were shocked to hear about the tragic death of Bathroy frontman and creator, Quorthon, but as much influential he might be to the Metal scene, another great musician passed away at the end of this year, I'm talking about Windir's vocalist, founder and main composer, Terje Bakken a.k.a. Valfar BATHORY - S/T self-titled Bathory is the self-titled debut album of the Swedish black metal band Bathory. It is considered one of the first recorded examples that defined the black metal style. Goat Black Viking Metal LP album This page has quality photos of album covers, record label and a detailed description

Нет Sólstafir Black Death (EP) 2002 Black Metal, Viking Metal Исландия CBR 192 13:41 Black Death: The Ritual 05:22 Myrksvefn 03:49 13:13 04:3 Ahnengrab (Pagan/Black Metal) Airged L'amh (Power/Folk Metal) Airs & Graces (Celtic Punk) Aiumeen Basoa (Pagan/Folk-metal) ‡ Ak Bure (Oriental Folk-metal) Aktarum (Black / Folk Metal) Alcoholika La Christo (Folk-metal) Alestorm (Pirate Metal) Alkonost (Folk/Pagan/Doom/Black Metal) Allelic (Folk/Black Metal) Almora (Symphonic/Gothic Metal)

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  1. Midgardsblot 2017 - Black Metal and Vikings. Posted on August 25, 2017 by Per Ole Hagen. One of my favorite Norwegian festivals is Midgarsblot. This year is the third year for the festival, while my second visit. The festival is held at Borre in Vestfold, surrounded by tumuli, or grave mounds from the viking age
  2. Attention all Viking worshipers: In Midgard in Borre, the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings have lived, feasted, and laid to rest. Come and feel the atmosphere. Since Norwegian black metal broke through in the 90s, the interest in Norse culture has exploded. In the end of August, Vikings and black metal fans meet o
  3. Dit is een alfabetische lijst van Vikingmetalbands met een artikel op Wikipedia. Soms overlapt Vikingmetal met andere muziekgenres, zoals black metal, deathmetal, folkmetal en pagan metal

521 Followers, 683 Following, 92 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Happy little boozer (@black.metal.viking Black Metal, Viking Metal, Progressive Metal. Vikingligr veldi (1994) #448. Eld (1997) #1085. Isa (2004) #1941. 33: Chthonic. 1995, Taiwan. Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal. Takasago Army (2011) #596. 武徳 / Bú-Tik (2013) #2662 Having released two essential pieces of the black metal canon just a year apart — 1987's Under the Sign of the Black Mark and 1988's Blood Fire Death — to choose just one comes down to a matter of taste between shorter, thrash-metal driven bursts or an epic Viking saga, and I'm inclined to go for the latter merely for how massive it is

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black-noise, melodieuze black metal, nationaalsocialistische black metal, post-black metal, suicidal black metal, symfonische black metal: Fusiongenres: blackened deathmetal · folkmetal (waaronder paganmetal, trolmetal en Vikingmetal) · melodieuze black metal · vedic metal · war-metal: Regionale scenes: Duitsland · Israël · Noorwegen. Black Metal is een miljoenenindustrie en diverse bands dringen af en toe door tot de bakken in de gewone platen zaak. Er zijn vanuit de Black Metalscene diverse contacten met serieuzere extreemrechtse bewegingen en organisaties Isengard embroidered sew on patch pagan band black metal viking metal folk astral threads AstralThreadShop. From shop AstralThreadShop. 5 out of 5 stars (1,425) 1,425 reviews $ 5.99. Favorite Add to True Norwegian Black Metal patch BTpatches. From shop BTpatches. 5 out of 5 stars (677) 677 reviews $. Black Metal is a chaotic style of music that wickedly picks the strings of your darker, more primal side. However, the animalistic vocals and the distorted instrumentals may leave you at a loss for how to appreciate this genre of music. If you're trying to gain more enjoyment from your time spent gazing into the abyss that is Black Metal, you'll benefit from learning its characteristics.

Viking black metal/Symphonic black metal/Pagan metal/Folk/Ethno/Celtic. 5,547 likes · 4 talking about this. admin VIKING This profile is to show people that there are in the world's great music.. Listen to black metal and understand what it's about. Secular black metal is about evil, death, and depression. Make the sound you think somebody would make with their last breath if they were slowly dying. Use that sound to form words. However, Christian black metal is about positive/negative topics related to Christian beliefs

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Добро пожаловать в нашу новую группу, посвященную эпичной музыке в её самых экстремальных проявлениях! Здесь, вы сможете найти и послушать самые свежие релизы таких жанров как Black Metal, Folk Metal, Viking Metal и многих других. BLACK METAL - FOLK/VIKING. 3,584 likes · 21 talking about this. BLACK METAL | FOLK/VIKING © Pagina Original & Auténtica.

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BLACK METAL - FOLK/VIKING. 3,651 likes · 1 talking about this. BLACK METAL | FOLK/VIKING © Pagina Original & Auténtica. Tag Archives: Viking Black Metal Enslaved - Utgard (Review) September 30, 2020 by wonderboxmetal. 1. Enslaved are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their fifteenth album. A new Enslaved release is a thing to be celebrated, and Utgard is no different in this regard Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 5,173 genre-shaped distinctions by Spotify as of 2021-01-20 Bathory - Blood Fire Death - Old School L/S Shirt [Size: Large] - Quorthon - KVLT - Black/Viking Metal - NEW naschymx. 5 out of 5 stars (102) $ 19.99. Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Favorite Add to Dead Comics - Screen Printed T Shirt - Black Metal ExhumedVisions. 5 out of 5 stars (1,437) $ 15.99.

The German black metal band Grabunhold will release their debut album Heldentod on January 22nd, 2020 on CD and LP through the label Iron Bonehead Productions. It was but September 2019 when Grabunhold released the mini-album Unter dem Banner der Toten for Iron Bonehead. Justifiably Read mor Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Gothic Metal. Chaos Born (2003) #2719. Eternal Winter's Prophecy (2000) #450 Der Begriff Viking Metal kennzeichnet ein Metal-Subgenre, das musikalische Elemente des Black Metal und des Death Metal mit den Folk-Melodien Skandinaviens vermengt, wobei die Texte hauptsächlich das Leben, die Sagen, die Schlachten bzw. allgemein die Mythologie der Wikinger behandeln.. Abzugrenzen vom Viking Metal ist hingegen der Vikingrock, bei dem zwar in den Texten ebenfalls die Wikinger.

Country of origin: Germany Location: Schneeberg, Saxony Status: Split-up Formed in: 1996 Genre: Black Metal, Viking Metal Lyrical themes: Viking/Pagan Themes, War, Conques Нет Sólstafir Black Death (EP) 2002 Black Metal, Viking Metal Исландия CBR 192 13:41 Black Death: The Ritual 05:22 Myrksvefn 03:49 13:13 04:3 Viking, Folk, Black Metal and more, Ciudad de México. 94,957 likes · 36 talking about this. Viking, Folk, Celtic, Pagan, Black metal and moor Black metal is een subgenre van de heavy metal, dat zich afsplitste van de vroege thrashmetal- en deathmetalscene.Rond de jaren 90 verspreidde black metal zich vanuit Scandinavië, met name Noorwegen, eerst over Europa, later ook over de hele wereld, van Amerika tot het Midden-Oosten en Azië

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Start Brands Viking / Pagan / Folk Viking / Pagan / Folk Return to previous page View as: Grid. List. Show. In Black Metal, Viking / Pagan / Folk. R$ 35,00. In stock. Quick View Shop. CDs. FALKENBACH - Heralding - The Fireblade. Viking / Pagan / Folk. R$ 40,00. Only 1 in stock. Nov 4, 2020 - These Viking styled axes are unique, handmade and serial numbered craft pieces. There are two main Viking motifs on the axe: the Vegvisir and Fenrir Viking Crown is a black metal project in the Darkthrone vein formed by Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Killjoy of Necrophagia.The final member is Phil's ex-wife Opal. Their debut album was also the first release on Killjoy's own Baphomet Records Les groupes Viking Metal: Vous permet de combiner le tag avec le tag courant. Pour avoir les groupes portant les deux tags Metal, Viking helmet with chain mail in a black mannequin on white background. clothes for the viking war - Koop deze stockfoto en ontdek vergelijkbare foto's op Adobe Stoc

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See more of Folk/Pagan/Viking/Black Metal on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Community See All. 33,920 people like this. 34,102 people follow this. About See All. Musician/Band. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Il viking metal nasce come evoluzione del Black metal; di questo genere mantiene le ritmiche dure e pesanti, ma molto rallentate, e perde progressivamente l'uso del cantato scream/growl, anche se quest'ultimo aspetto va a sola discrezione del gruppo; infatti non troviamo solo cantati growl nella scena viking ma anche scream e growl, usati solitamente solo a tratti, come per i Bathory in Blood. Black Mark Production. The metal world was blown away by the ungodly sounds that the Swedish band Bathory let out in the early 1980s. Arguably one of the first true black metal bands, Bathory had a major influence on the sudden rise of the genre during the early 1990s.Bathory would eventually evolve into an epic Viking Metal (the subgenre with a lyrical focus on themes from Norse mythology.

El viking metal es un subgénero de heavy metal originado de la fusión de black metal y música folk nórdica, caracterizado por unas letras y una temática centradas en la mitología nórdica, el paganismo y la época vikinga.Algunos de sus rasgos comunes son el ritmo lento, riffs pesados, uso de voces limpias con voces guturales, instrumentación folk y el uso de teclados para lograr. Viking metal is a subgenre of metal music with roots in Blood Fire Death and Hammerheart albums by Bathory.Those releases created a clean transition from earlier Black Metal music to embody what is now known as Viking metal. Some of the most common features of Viking metal are powerful, clean vocals and epic choirs, galloping riffs and drumming, rich anthemic keyboards, the use of Nordic. Find great deals at Shop Hells Headbangers on Shirt & T-Shirts. Choose your favourite heavy Black Death thrash metal band shirts & t-shirts from thousands of available designs Viking metal é um sub-gênero do folk metal e black metal com influências da cultura e da mitologia nórdica.Traz em sua música menções à Era Viquingue e às conquistas épicas. Expressam em suas letras crenças e sagas viquingues, assim como também o fazem em relação à parte artístico-visual das bandas

Progressive Viking/Folk/Black Metal Lyrical themes: Nature, Science, Spirituality, Cosmos, Mythology Current label: Century Media Records Years active: 1995-present . Logo by Christophe Volvox Szpajdel Use Viking Steel Structure's interactive metal carports color planner to put a custom look on your new metal building. This tool makes it easy to visualize your building prior to purchase. We know it can be difficult for our customers to understand the options available when choosing your metal building © 2002-2020 Encyclopaedia Metallum . Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in 1280 x 960 resolution or higher Black Metal, Viking / Pagan / Folk. R$ 37,00. Em estoque. Quick View Comprar. CDs, Exclusividades. CROWN OF FALLEN HEROES - From Ruins of the Ancient Dark Ages (Jewel Case CD) Black Metal, Viking / Pagan / Folk. R$ 35,00. Apenas 1 em estoque. Quick View Comprar. CDs. DYSPERIUM - Dysperium

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GENRE: Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later) COUNTRY: Poland SIZE: 77.9 MB BITRATE: 320 KBPS TRACKLIST: 1.Chant of the Eastern Lands 05:43 2.The Touch of Nya 00:57 3.From the Pagan Vastlands 04:30 4.Hidden in a Fog 06:50 5.Ancient 02:02 6.Entering The Fantasian Soul 05:36 7.Forgotten Cult of Aldaron 04:3 Archives at 12:30 to 1... followed by King A cover of the week, plus special guests. Contains local and mainstream metal - every genre of metal - pirate, viking, power, thrash, death, black. Live on K103

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‎ Fion Miller ‎ to Viking, Folk, Black Metal and more. August 20, 2020 · Band: Midgard Album: Tales of Kreia Genre: Folk / Viking / Fantasy / Legendary Metal Country: Ukraine Year: 2020 (unreleased) Song list: 00:00 #1 Midgard. Epic Viking Black Metal: Malta: 5: 0: 0: 1. Kingdo Tag Archives: Viking Black Metal Enslaved - Utgard (Review) September 30, 2020 by wonderboxmetal. 1. Enslaved are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their fifteenth album. A new Enslaved release is a thing to be celebrated, and Utgard is no different in this regard By Per Ole Hagen, Rock At Night Norway. Venue: Midgardsblot Festival-Oslo, Norway . Norway have several black metal festivals, but only one Midgardsblot.Here you can see Vikings battle each other, you can buy Viking crafts, and you can see the best black metal bands and bands that combine metal aesthetics with medieval folk roots Black Pagan Viking Metal Search. Search This Blog Pages Home; Pagan Viking Folk; Black Metal; Gothic Metal; Showing posts from 2020 View all. Posts. Burzum - Thulêan Mysteries (2020) Publicadas por pagan1184. December 12, 2020 BlackMetal + 0 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps

Black / Viking Metalの記事一覧です。 10 Oct, 2011 AURA NOIR - Deep Tracts Of Hell; 28 Nov, 2010 ENSLAVED - Eld; 6 Aug, 2010 ENSLAVED - Enslaved; 24 Apr, 2011 ENSLAVED - Vertebrae; 5 Jan, 2013 PECCATUM - Lost In Reverie; 11 Jan, 2012 ULVER - Shadows Of The Sun ULVER - Shadows Of The Su (Black Metal/Viking Black Metal) Emperor & Enslaved - Emperor / Hordanes Land - 1993 (1994 CD Release), APE (image+.cue), lossless » Black (lossless) :: RuTracker.or Black/Viking Metal hakkında buygtsum tarafından yazılan gönderiler. Geberik's Blog. Just another WordPress.com weblog. Archive for the 'Black/Viking Metal' Category. Enslaved-Vertebrae-Promo-2008 Eylül 21, 2008. Band: Enslaved Genre: Progressive Black/Viking Metal Country: Norwa © 2002-2021 Encyclopaedia Metallum . Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in 1280 x 960 resolution or higher Black Viking Metal Photo . WOM Photo Report Uburen @ Darkness Is Forever - Year 0 - RCA Club, Lisboa - 29.12.18. Janeiro 13, 2019 Janeiro 13, 2019 Hélio Cristovão 0 Comments Black Metal, Black Viking Metal, Uburen

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gothic norse cross skull eye grey & black metal belt buckle viking Staat:: Nieuw met labels: Een gloednieuw, ongebruikt, en ongedragen object in de oorspronkelijke verpakking (zoals de oorspronkelijke doos of zak) en/of met de oorspronkelijke labels Genre: Pagan Viking Black Metal Quality: mp3, CBR 320kbps Country: Poland Tracklist: 01. Stal utopiona we mgle 02. Semper Fidelis 03. Niesmiertelna krew 04. Na polnoc od Rubikonu 05. Odchodzac w chwale 06. U boku Walkiri Black rings are a hot wedding ring trend and there are a variety of metals, alloys (mixed metals) and other materials and processes used to create them. For the most part, the many black ring material options are quite similar in appearance, but they are very different in many ways. Important Facts About Black Metal R Posts about viking black metal written by ecb056. This was my classwork for Fundigi. We had to make a magazine cover and make it our own, so I chose the magazine Terrorizer Fantastic Old Viking/Black Metal Band from Sweden. Tryggve Rode — Fantastic Old Viking/Black Metal Band from Sweden. 1,5 mln ocen 277 tys. ocen Widzisz, tu doskonale sprawdza się aplikacja. Świetnie Łeee, nie chc ę. Tryggve Rode AT TRUA A MATT SIN OK.

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  1. BATHORY ~ Blood on Ice / 1996 / VIKING-BLACK METAL / CD / Black Mark / GERMANY. $12.95 + $3.95 shipping. Enslaved - E CD 2017 progressive Viking black metal Nuclear Blast. $11.95. Free shipping. Picture Information. Opens image gallery. Image not available. X. Have one to sell? Sell.
  2. Viking's Choice: Russian Mosh & Gloom, Spanish Psych, Brazilian Black Metal In Soviet Russia, band moshes you! Lars Gotrich. Oct 21: Share . In 2020, I fell down the rabbit hole of Russian Bandcamp. It started innocently, as one does, with a throwback '90s vegan straight-edge metalcore band
  3. atmospheric black metal (3) atmospheric black metal / post rock (2) black / death / industrial metal (1) black / death / thrash metal (2) black / death metal (4) black / doom metal (1) black / gothic metal (3) black / thrash metal (5) black / viking metal (1) black metal (117) black metal / avantgarde (2) black metal / dark ambient (1) black.
  4. BlackMetal.com mailorder - largest selection of black metal vinyl, CDs, t-shirts, tapes on the web since 1997 with the best prices, and very FAST personal service

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*Death Metal *Black Metal *Thrash / Speed Metal *Heavy Metal / NWOBHM *Doom / Sludge / Stoner *Grind *Punk / Hardcore / Crust *Power Metal *Viking / Pagan / Folk *Ambient / Industrial / Noise *Gothic / Dark Metal *Powerviolence *Progressive / Technical *Rock *Symphonic / Neoclassical *Miscellaneou The Hagstrom Viking semi-hollowbody electric guitar covers all genres from blues/rock to jazz/fusion and back again. With an arched semi-hollow maple body, its looks are as sweet as its tone The viking metal is a genre of metal.It has got roots of Black metal combinated with the old culture viking.It has got two principal subgenres The celtic metal and the Pagan metal an example of viking metal band is Einherjer.The celtic metal has also got roots of black metal but it speak about the old culture celtic one example of celtic metal is Eluveitie .The pagan metal fuses black metal or. Viking Black Metal mp3 music at Mp3Caprice. Discover, buy and download high quality tunes for reasonable prices Viking, Folk, Black Metal and more, Ciudad de México. 95 tis. všečkov. Viking, Folk, Celtic, Pagan, Black metal and moor

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Black Metal Logos:Version 1.00. Full font name. Black Metal Logos. Name table version. Version 1.00 June 26, 2006, initial release. Postscript font name. Black Metal Logos. Trademark notice. Killer Fonts. Designer. Big Dog. Description. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from High-Logic.com Posted in Reviews and tagged FullBlastPR, Isenmor, Metal, Metal Mucic PR Company, Metal Music Promotion, Metal PR, Pagan Black Metal, Pagan Metal, US Metal, Viking Black Metal, Viking Metal on July 25, 2015 by MetalMusicPromotions. Leave a comment Folk-Metal.nl reviews the new Isenmor Land Of The Setting Sun albu

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Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps Год выпуска: 2018 Страна: Россия Жанр: Mysterious metal, Viking metal, Black metal. Viking Metal. Metsatoll: Great Estonian band! Saved by Jenifer Johnson. 2. Viking Metal Live Rock Black Metal Rock And Roll Vikings. Flyer Black Metal avond Musicon, Den Haag. Het is zondag 31 januari 2016. Op het podium Musicon in Den Haag staan Cultus, Black Command en Blackdeath. De eerste twee bands zijn afkomstig uit Nederland, de derde is een Russische Black Metal-band. Alle drie de Metal-groepen hebben in meer of mindere mate een extreemrechts verleden als band Black Metal Imperial Stout is a Stout - Russian Imperial style beer brewed by Jester King Brewery in Austin, TX. Score: 93 with 597 ratings and reviews. Last update: 02-04-2021

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